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Do you ever feel emotionally, physically, or spiritually depleted?

Maybe you know someone who does. 
When we women feel depleted, the way we view the world shifts. We’re in a funk, and we can’t lift ourselves out. We need help, but it can be difficult for us to ask for the help we need.
And sometimes, all we need is a pick-me-up—a reminder that we are loved and valued by those we hold dear.

You wear many hats

You’re a caregiver, friend, sister, daughter, therapist, accountant, household manager—and often all of them in a single day!

It’s not always easy to find time in the day to step away from all the things to take care of ourselves. To give ourselves a moment of rest in the chaos so we can refuel and recharge our batteries.

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When you're feeling discouraged, finding joy isn't automatic or simple.

We need to look for it intentionally. (Who doesn’t long for that bubbly, joyful feeling 24/7?) 

A diet of “bubbly” may feel really good for a day or two, but it’s just not sustainable. Like it or not, remaining in that euphoric state doesn’t help you to remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. And staying in the opposite state of mind isn’t sustainable, either.

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Eventually, something will give way.

Caring for everyone else around you while neglecting yourself isn’t sustainable. 

Your “bucket” can’t have any holes or broken seams.

To be able to truly give, you must have something in your emotional reservoir to share. With life’s twists and turns, you can be robbed of the thing that ensures your overall well-being: inner joy.

That's Where My Joy Box Can Help

My Joy Box was designed to give women a “box of joy” every-other month. Whether giving as a gift or keeping for yourself, each box is curated with three or more quality products and reminders that will bring a little joy to the recipient and remind her that she is loved, valued, and appreciated. You can be sure that the surprise of receiving and opening each box will be treasured.


How it Works

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Your box of joy is just a click away! Starting at $76.99.
*Valued at over $150 a box

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Your Box Ships

Boxes ship the first full week of the month. 

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Unwrap your Box

Be delighted with the curated items in your box! 

What's in the box?

Shhh....It's a surprise!

Each curated box is full of surprises designed to bring you joy. 

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Meet Brenda

Brenda Durr, founder of Joy Is a Journey and My Joy Box, is on the journey to rediscovering joy in her own life, and she invites you to come along.

In early 2022, Brenda was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Simply stated, TOS means the nerves or the blood vessels between the collarbone and the first rib are compressed, causing shoulder and neck pain and numbness. Because of the severity of her condition, Brenda underwent a surgery that removed part of a rib and some muscles to help alleviate the compression. Recovery from this surgery is a two-year process. But this diagnosis neither defines Brenda nor gets her down! While she is believing for complete healing, she recognizes that joy is a choice, and she’s choosing it every day—on days when she’s able to enjoy it and those where she’s dealing with the pain. Through it all, God reminds her that joy is a journey.  


Give the Gift of Joy to Yourself or a Loved One

My Joy Box Subscription
My Joy Box Subscription

My Joy Box Subscription

Surprise yourself or a special woman in your life with a box of joy! This surprise box is curated with quality items chosen to bring you a bit of joy. We all need a pick-me-up at times, and you deserve to be celebrated and shown you’re loved.

Retail value of each box is over $100. 

Subscription Details:

Regular Subscription: An ongoing subscription box will be sent every other month until canceled by the customer.

Six Month Subscription: A six-month subscription includes 3 boxes (sent and billed every-other month).

Twelve Month Subscription: A twelve-month subscription includes 6 boxes (sent and billed every-other month).

*To ensure accurate shipping and delivery, multiple orders for subscription boxes and gift boxes must be placed separately.

Note: You can cancel at any time. Cancellations must be received by the 15th of the month prior to shipping. Otherwise, your order will ship the first full week of the month. Cancelled subscriptions will be prorated. Shipping and tax will be added upon checkout.

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