Color Me Happy!

Color Me Happy!

Summer is my happy season!

I love the green grass and trees, the beautiful fragrant flowers, and the blue sky that colors our landscapes. Whether you are vacationing or stacationing, this box is for you!

  • Whether you are at the beach or on the go running errands, this spacious and colorful (pink, aqua, and yellow) neoprene tote will be your go-to bag. It is washable, lightweight, and durable! Featuring roomy vented side panels, this tote also includes a magnetic closure to keep your belongings secure. Throw your phone, keys and lip balm in the inside zipper pouch to make sure that everything stays protected and organized! This tote bag also features sturdy rope handles for a comfortable handle grip in a variety of colors.​​ Made of neoprene fabric, a washable material, you can hose down this bag for easy cleaning — making it a perfect pool bag, gym bag, or travel tote! 21" x 12" x 7.5"

  • Hanging onto your keys is a constant struggle! Trying to find which zippered compartment of your purse they’re in or fishing around at the bottom of your handbag to find them can be super-frustrating. With your pink & aqua beaded keyring/bracelet, it’s easy to keep your keys handy because they are on your wrist. This keyring is even more special because of the engraved gold disc with the word "JOY" as a reminder to find joy every day!
  • Air wrap® towels + are vegan, organic multi use towels are vented and absorb, dry fast and can be used for endless things! 100% cotton,       size: 44" x 55"     Uses: •beach towel •hair towel/wrap •bath towel •baby swaddle •coverup/sarong •breathable nursing cover •breathable stroller cover • sports •quick dry for multiple uses at pool
  • This chic and gorgeous visor is an absolute must have for summer, whether you are traveling to the beach, going on a picnic, or hanging around your backyard! With an adjustable strap, this visor will roll up in your luggage and then pop back into shape when you are ready to wear it.
  • Don't forget about your two 7x5 custom frameable prints! Display "Summer" and "Let's Go On a Summer Adventure" in a frame or on your fridge to enjoy the scenes of the season. To spread the joy, write a note on the back and give it to a friend!

July/August 2023

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