Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

Y'all! Can you believe we made it through the holidays?

The theme for this box is Rest. Relax, Rejuvenate. This is something we all need to do regularly to try to avoid burnout and depression. All of the items I curated for this box is intended to help you take a step back and focus on resting and finding your joy again.

This box included:

  • A boxed set of goat milk products (handsoap, bar soap, wood soap holder, lip balm, shower steamer and sugar scrub with wooden scoop) from Amillia Acres. Calgon, take me away!
  • While you are taking your hot bubble bath, nothing beats the winter blues like a mug of hot chocolate! This Mexican chocolate has almond flavoring and comes from Oaxaca, Mexico, and it is simply THE BEST! It is soooo delish.
  • What would Mexican hot chocolate be without a Mexican whisk? The molinillo [moh-lee-NEE-yoh] is the Mexican chocolate "whisk" or "stirrer.” It is handcarved wood and is used to froth and stir hot chocolate. (It makes me feel a little fancy!)
  • Of course, we need a mug to whisk our hot chocolate in! This Always be Joyful mug will be a reminder every time you use it, to always be joyful and thankful. I Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • While you are resting and renewing your body, mind and spirit, keep your Chase the Fun book handy. You will learn easy and practical ways to find joy by intentionally chasing the fun!
  • Your 7x5 custom prints, “Renewal” and “Friends” are ready to be framed and added to your décor, pinned to your fridge, or given to a friend with a note on the back.

We packed a LOT into this box and I hope you experienced joy when you used the products!

January/February 2023

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